"Brain Drain" or Nervous System Distress

Body is constantly repairing itself. Work, family or relationship stress shuts down maintenance functions of the body. The "survival response" (running from a tiger) of sympathetic nervous system is constantly on.  Body can't do everything at once - run from danger, digest food for energy/nutrients, cleanse itself, etc.  How much energy is healing getting? I work with clients' nervous system and blood circulation to assist in redirecting the body/mind energy from dealing with stress (physical, emotional, diet)  to repairing immune system, tissue replacement, rest and digest mode. By restoring the balance, body's healing ability restores.  As a result, improved internal awareness enhances blood flow, muscle tone, digestistion, immune sytem and homeostatic processes in the body.

Digestive order

The digestive system stores neuropeptides - the same molecules that make up your brain - except we have ten times more of them in the body than in the brain! Digestive imbalances are treated successfully by retrieving and neutralizing the thoughts and emotions from the gut that have become pathologies.  Large intestine is all about letting go of the past, old resentment, trauma or former relationships. Environmental factors such as stress relating to your boss, mother, son or husband directly affects the intestinal lining of your digestive tract, minimizing the absorption of vital nutrients.  At the session your body will be taught how to produce its own digestive enzymes and regulate its stomach acid in order to assimilate foods within the small intestine that previously caused discomfort.



Severe, periodic headaches that affect one side of the head or both.  The casuses of migranes are complex, varying for each client.  Often, several factors have accumulated and compounded over years. Because all the acupuncture meridians simultaneously move upwards towards the head, when this energy becomes stagnant in the head, clients feel enormous pressure there.  They won't want to be touched, they may experince nausea, and lights or sounds can be disturbing.  The main factor in migrane is stress or past emotional trauma which blocks lines of communication within the body. Other common factors in migranes are food intolerances, hormonal imbalances, menstrual issues, emotions, memories with some emotional charge.  At the session, all those factors are addressed by restoring lines of communication within the body-mind.


Immune System Boost

A healthy reaction to a virus or bacterial infection is fever, in order to burn off microbes.  But, if someone's system is already overwhelmed and does not react with fever, a microbe may reamain latent in the body, causing further illness, even autoimmunite disorder.  The method is also effective where strains of virus and bacteria have adapted to become immune to antibiotics and other medications.  The special technique is used to re-establish lines of communication within the body that have been blocked by exposure to viruses, bacteria, and day-to-day stresses.  Also, molecules of our emotions can land in different body parts and hold unprocessed emotions of the past that can break down the immune system.


Emotional Disorders and Phobias

We tend to think that emotional disorders are limited to conditions such as bipolar, depresssion, shyness, anxiety, and phobias ... . Habitual stress and chronic overwhelm can result in feelings of anger, powerlessness, or despair, eventually resulting in such conditions as inflammation, abnormal cell growth, or high blood pressure.  Your body's chemical levels fluctuate depending on your emotional state: healing results from love and trust, causing cell expansion, whereas dis-ease results from hate, stress and anger; causing cell contraction.

Passive memories are simple thoughts and emotions that are recalled and leave without any after-effect.  Active memories are stored by neuropeptides in every cell of muscle, organ, and body tissue.  They cause a painful, angry, fearful, or teary-eyed response even many years later.

Using a technique, I work with the body to disassociate, neutralize, and unhook emotions stored in the connective tissue.  The emotions are retrieved through neuromuscular feedback to bring them out of the tissue, then are sent downward toward the intestines to be "digested", and processed.



“Since I started doing sessions with Natalia, my stress level has gone down.  I feel more relaxed and have more energy. The quality of my sleep has improved. My migranes have significantly reduced in frequency, length and severity. I highly recommend sessions guided by Natalia.”

Liza Kaplunova, Early Intervention Therapist

“I had sciatic nerve pain for 2 years non-stop. I became pain-free after the first treatment.  It has been 6 weeks since my session but the pain didn't come back.

I understand now, it's not enough to have knowldege to be a good practitioner, the person must have a talent to feel people. Natalia, you have it all !!!

I am happy to tell friends about my experience and higly recommend Natalia as a practitioner.  Thank you very much for sharing your talent!”

Svetlana Shevtsova, Realtor

"Sessions with Natalia have not only been a fast and effective method in alleviating my depression and anxiety, but it gave me the insights I needed to understand the root causes of my symptoms for long-lasting improvement. Treatments helped to eliminate my most troublesome symptoms including chest pain and anxiety, which gave me better control over my emotions and anger management, and ultimately improving my relationship."

Frank P., Oil Services Owner

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